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How to Install Latest Firmware on your JioFi

This article is a detailed guide on how you can install latest Jiofi firmware of your JioFi. We have step by step guide to help you upgrade firmare of JioFi to the latest version. If you have got JioFi/ JioFi 2/ JioFi 3 and want to upgrade the firmware, keep reading this article. Upgrade JioFi

How to Reset JioFi 2/3? Restore Default Factory Settings

Is your JioFi behaving abnormally? Are you facing problems like Automatic Reboot, System Error, Forgotten password, and network issues? If so, performing a hard reset of the JioFi might solve all your problems. In this article we will guide you exactly how you can hard reset your JioFi. You will find a step by step

How to change JioFi Wi-Fi(SSID) name and password?

JioFi is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that can help you enjoy high speed internet without any cable internet connection. You can connect multiple device, upto 10 with the JioFi portable Wi-Fi. In this age of internet, it is very important to stay connected. Now as everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages, so does internet. In

How do I change my JioFi 2 username and password?

JioFi 2 is a latest offering from Jio in the wireless wifi category. It is the successor to the original JioFi and has some enhanced features. Overall the usage is same. So same as the JioFi the use of username and password is also same as of the JioFi, to access the admin panel. This

How do I log into JioFi router?

In this article you will know everything about how you can log into JioFi router in details. We have covered each and evry step and have prepared a simple guide for you to follow. Let us begin. JioFi is a device that offers Wi-Fi hotspot without the need of wired connection. It is very great

How do I change JioFi username and password?

JioFi username and password is the set of credentials you need to access the admin panel of the JioFi. This is a must to remember thing as you need it to change your Wi-Fi name and password. Spare the confusion as both of these are different name and passwords. One is to access the settings

What is JioFi username and password?

Jio launched JioFi which is a portable Wi-Fi router. It can be used to access internet through it from anyhwhere and anytime. As every router has its settings page, same is with JioFi. One can access it’s admin panel to change all kind of settings. Moreover, to go to settings you need an address and


After the success of JIO sim, Jio launched a lot of products to provide people with more options. Jio wants to take over every person that uses the internet. Jio launched JioFi which was a portable hotspot. You can use internet with it anywhere anytime. But Jio still missed on the dongle market. So they