How to Install Latest Firmware on your JioFi

This article is a detailed guide on how you can install latest Jiofi firmware of your JioFi. We have step by step guide to help you upgrade firmare of JioFi to the latest version. If you have got JioFi/ JioFi 2/ JioFi 3 and want to upgrade the firmware, keep reading this article. Upgrade JioFi firmware to the latest version.

Jiofi 3


To use internet you need a device called Router. Besides, JioFi is a type of wireless router. In order to run a router, you need firmware. Specifically, it is like an operating system that provides an interface, protocol configuration and security settings of the router to the user. Firmware is the preinstalled, embedded software that manages the control of routing protocols, administrative features and the router’s security mechanism. Moreover, firmware is the most essential software in a router’s read-only memory. You can not delete the firmware of a router, only a new version can be installed.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your JioFi firmware this article is all you need. Keep reading and you will find a step by step guide to upgrade firmware of JioFi.


To upgrade JioFi fimware to the latest version provided by jio, you first need to backup your current configuration. Then follow the steps below.

  • Connect to your JioFi and go to any browser.

jio fi browser

Jiofi admin login

  • Enter your username and password to login. Click here if you don’t know yours.
  • After successful login,Go to User Management.

Jio Software upgrade

  • There on the right you will find Software Upgrade. Click on it.

upgrade jiofi firmware

  • In this tab you can check your current firmware version. Below it will be the option to browse the firmware file to upgrade the firmware.
  • Click on browse and select the File.
  • After firmware selection, click on the ‘Apply’ button to start the firmware upgrade.
  • Just wait for few minutes till the firmware is downloaded, this is some what time taking process. Once updated, the JioFi router will reboot automatically.
  • Finally, just hard reset JioFi router to restore the factory default settings.
  • Now, you can connect again your PC/mobile to the updated JioFi router.

With this you should have successfully upgraded the firmware of your JioFi to the latest version. After this don’t forget to restore the configuration file you backup in the beginning of the process.

Upgrade JioFi to Latest Version without downloading the firmware

If for some reason you don’t have the latest firmware file with you, you can still upgrade your JioFi firmware. Below is the method you can use to do that.

  • Hard reset your JioFi by following this guide.
  • Once you have performed the reset, let the JioFi turn on again and connect to the internet. You can check this by the Status Led on the Jiofi.

Jiofi 2

  • Now leave the JioFi on for about 24-48 hours.
  • Check after that and your firmware will be upgraded automatically by Jio.

This is becuase JioFi supports OTA(Over The Air) updates and can upgrade itself once a new version is available.

I hope this guide helped you and you could successfully upgrade JioFi firmware to the latest version. If you still have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks for coming.

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