How to Reset JioFi 2/3? Restore Default Factory Settings

Is your JioFi behaving abnormally? Are you facing problems like Automatic Reboot, System Error, Forgotten password, and network issues? If so, performing a hard reset of the JioFi might solve all your problems. In this article we will guide you exactly how you can hard reset your JioFi. You will find a step by step guide with images to help you reset JioFi router. The steps are almost same for all versions of Jiofi so you can follow them without any worry. So let’s get started.

hard reset jiofi

How to Hard Reset JioFi

  • Turn ON your JioFi.
  • Then remove the back cover of the JioFi.

reset button-JIOFI

  • There you will find a small hole with Reset written beside it. The placement is different on different versions of JioFi, but it is behind back cover on all versions of JioFi.
  • Take a pin or sim ejector tool and Press the Reset button for 10-15 seconds.
  • The lights on front of JioFi will go off, then you can release the button.
  • Your JioFi will automatically reboot.
  • Then wait for few minutes and let the JioFi connect to internet.
  • Now, your JioFi is all reset to it’s factory settings.
  • Connect to it using the username and password that came with it. Check this post if you don’t know how to do that.

There is another way to reset JioFi using it’s admin panel. You can find all the steps for that below.

Reset Jiofi using Admin Panel

To reset JioFi using it’s admin panel you need to follow the steps as stated below.

  • Connect to your JioFi and Open any browser.
  • Type this address in the bar up top. or Click the button below.

https://jiofi.local.html or JioFi Login

  • After that Login into your Jiofi using admin pass and username.

Jiofi admin login

  • On the Status screen, scroll down.

reset jiofi

  • There you will find Reset button. Click on it and resetting will start.

jio hard reset

  • Alternatively, Click on User Manangement.

jiofi reset

  • Then Go to Restore Default from the menu on the left side.
  • Now Click on Restore Factory Settings. And the Reset will start.
  • Wait for a few minutes your Jiofi will reboot with lights flashing and then connect to the internet again.
  • This will complete the Reset of the Jiofi.


There you have it. Two different ways to reset JioFi. With this guide you should be able to reset the JioFi with ease. If you still have some problems you can comment below freely. Thanks for coming.

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